Independent Designers Fashion Business Consulting targets a niche consumer’s demographic with a 1.7 trillion dollar buying power which are often  not  included in fashion Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations campaigns.

Independent Designers Fashion Business Consulting taste-makers introduces entrepreneurs, emerging and recognizable fashion and beauty brands

Independent Designers Fashion Business Consulting offers vital advice to emerging fashion designers on how to navigate the fashion industry in terms of marketing, business, sales, and Public Relations.

Independent Designers Fashion Business Consulting organizes projects, workshops and events to promote fashion designers to a consumer buying audience and assist non-profit organizations with driving awareness of  their fundraiser benefits in their community.

Independent Designers Fashion Business Consulting offers the following services: Consultancy & business management to support brand development, PR & communication:Press Release, pitch letters and celebrity placement. Sales advisory: Wholesales and eCommerce, Marketing and Advertising:Campaign development  collateral and consumer event showcasing opportunities.



Do you have a gotta-have-it idea or concept for for a clothing label?

Diane Von Furnstenberg did it with the wrap dress and Tory Burch had her flat shoes. What is your idea or concept? 

There are 7 steps or phases that you can use to start a clothing line. And the good news! It does require you to know how to sew, draw or sketch,

This workshop guide you through each phase.  You will make samples and prototypes. source materials, find a factory for mass production. create the marketing materials, build an infrastructure, public relations and sells. 

 The virtual class meets once a month for 3 months. Each of the series is between and cost. $52.00 for each step or phase.  

Non-Profit Fashion Fundraisers
How to plan a non-profit Fashion Fundraiser

Independent Designers Fashion Business Consulting offers an easy way to connect with fashion brands that want to help community fundraiser benefits drive awareness for a greater impact.  The fashion show + Pop-up Shop package presents the fashion cognoscenti with a host of options of apparel, accessory and beauty brands that are pulled directly from the fashion showrooms, atelier studios and artisans of both established and emerging designers that are on the rise in global emerging markets that you will certainly want to know.  It’s an excellent treat that gives members of your organization, guests and the public to an  exclusive fashion experience.

The fashion show and pop-up shop event is advertised in a leading fashion magazine publication such as  Vogue or Elle which helps drive awareness of the cause and benefit of your event and a portion of the sales proceeds are donated to your organization.  It’s a fun easy and breezy way to produce a fashion fundraiser benefit event.


How to Start a Clothing Label

Launch your own clothing label in Seven Steps Webinar



In business everything operates on a calendar and deadline which is why project management is key for an entrepreneur or small business.   Product development, press and media, retail sales and promotions and finance operate all operate on a calendar.  This also includes fundraisers. 

My workshop will aides entrepreneur start-ups and small business with limited resources on operating their business strategically.  You will outline the objectives. goals and important tasks.


 using KPI, key performance indicators, marketing and business trends 

Product Development: Sourcing materials and manufactures  that are specific to your market.

What types of samples or prototypes will you need?

How to price according to the your market?


How does your infrastructure support growth? Without the the proper infrastructure you can loos both time, money and risk damaging the credibility of your brand. 


This is my favorite and is often overlooked by many start-up entrepreneur and artisans.  It provides knowledge of your market that are specific to your brand and it includes a field trip assessment of the market which can aide when communicating with a retail buying team.

Which of the following stores would you want to sell you brand?

  • Neiman Marcus 

  • Bloomingdales 

  • Macy's

  • Barney's New York 

  • Bergdorf Goodman

  • High-end boutiques


824Since 2005, I have been assisting small businesses and start-up entrepreneurs in the fashion and beauty industry with reaching the buying teams of high-end boutiques and specialty retailers in North America and Canada with scheduled appointments to view the collection at trade shows or showrooms as an independent sales agent. 


or the tradeshow or


as and independent sales agent at tradeshows and showrooms. 

Generation sales leads.

And can help prepare you for market week. 

Sale communication 

 The methodology tha tis used i

I have created and develoepd the sales tools

This art of selling is the ability to foster and  develop an  ongoing relationship with the retailer. 

like dating. requires flexibility and 

understading and 

 your brand requires the sales is the ability to foster an ongoing relationship for shelf-placement with understanding 


 risks and establish a mutual agreement that include effective push-pull medotds 


Since 2012, I've been rolling up my sleeves to help makers + product designers step up their business games. I've had the privilege of guiding hundreds of creative businesses as they fortify product pricing, strengthen policies, and shift deeper into a business mindset. But over and over again, I've seen makers lose their mojo when it comes time to talk to buyers.




It's far too easy to go down a rabbit hole that burns hours and our "to do" lists don't have much wiggle room.


We often spin our wheels by investing time in the pursuit of retail relationships that aren't a good fit for us.


The etiquette is unclear and we're not sure how to capture attention and then follow up without being a pest.


Cultivating these bonds necessitates that we continue to show up consistently, even while managing all of our other business tasks.


But it doesn't have to be.

Here's what fifteen years as a full-time maker have taught me: If you're serious about growing your business into an engine that's capable of sustaining you in the long-term, then you must get proactive and drive that growth. Contrary to what the "gurus" might tell you, there are no shortcuts or magic wands.

But there is strategy. I've developed a strategic method for streamlining the process of introducing your work to new buyers and managing retailer relationships. 

One that makes the most of your time. 

One that requires a minimum investment of dollars. 

One that's wildly effective. 

And one that's... dare I say... fun?


Design the sales c

Pop-up shops events 



tTrade-shows wholesales 

pop-up shops 

Event Marketing 

Direct mailers 

Create event packages 


You have a website or e-commerce for your business, but need an affect way to drive traffic to your site that offer affordability and the benefits of traditional and marketing and digital marketing to drive sells for the fashion and beauty industry. 

using advertisment marketin offer the combined tcan use the services individually or combined to  an create a custom package for your business needs and unique customer which are available as a one-time consultation or or monthly retainer.  The prices are based on the agreed deliverable's specific to your business needs for your unique customer or targeted demographics. 






ach project offers a 

by combining  sales , marketing  public relations campaign initiatives with social media integrations to drive sells strategically or select one of the services to get effect that you you have in mind which provide affordability.  

The services are available as a one-time consultation of project bases which are specific to the strategy and methodology


desired results

business needs 

unique customer


 using the  discovery meeting with a sales consultant can help to improve the overall strategy strategically and improve efficiencies for start-up entrepreneurs and small businesses alike. Omar Palmer using keen logic and reasoning to develop a custom strategy to match the performance capabilities for start-up entrepreneurs and small businesses to effectively drive sales in the market strategically.  

Preparation is key and vital to the success and sustainability.   Omar Palmer consulting services are designed to take your business to the next level and an excellent way to get organized. 

Services include 

Business development: a sales strategy consultation starts with a  discovery to establish the most effective strategy for your brand, develop the sales and marketing colleterial with Public Relations integrations to gain the buyers attention for your brand in preparation for fashion week or market week. Establish the budget to determine your sales projections. This an very effective approach to achieve the desire results that you want for your brand. 


Rebranding Improve your 

a The new fashion seOmar works  with some really amazing, talented and passionate entrepreneurs and business owners in the fashion and beauty insustry.     Here is a portfolio of a few accomplishments. from clients projects during different growth and development phases that have utilized Fashion Business Consulting,  Sales, Marketing and Public Relations services.

Get the word out about your clothing, accessory or handbag collection!  Just send an email about your project to be included on the press release and media alert to the community of fashion magazine editors, bloggers.

Sales Strategy | Reach and Connect to Prospects

Omar Palmer represents fashion and beauty brands at national markets and Canada with services that drive sells and customer loyalty for small businesses entrepreneurs strategically which have been utilized by American and international brands.  Using the best business practices to create m sales strategy is proven method that will aide you with establishing whole sale retail accounts with in North America and Canada. It uses the marketing and sales collateral in the communication process to reach the buying teams strategically. Results that you expect for your brand.  


Multiple fashion brands use his services to schedule appointments for Trade shows, Showroom and trunk-shows to his list of over 800 high-end boutiques and specialty retail buyers in the United States and Canada.

Fashion & Market Week Preparation

To maximize the best (ROI), Return on invest, he recommends that you start the process before market week which helps avoid costly mistakes that and minimize the success of your brand.  

Developing a relationship with the buyer allows the buyer to become familiar  with the brand. Getting a  buyers radar requires strategic marketing which is required prior to market.  New brands are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the Product launch services. 

Get in Contact information for your next project. 

With a custom list specific to your project can maximize your success. Choose 700 or 2000 blogger and online media and press contacts, $550 or $1500.

Get the blogger contacts your business needs by ordering today. This list is updated every 6 months so you can feel good you’ll get a great list. Details are below, add to cart for check out.

Editors & Press List 

Retail Buyers List 

We have the best stores and the best fashion buyer database in the industry. Over 50,000 retailers are in our vault and we’ve organized these contacts so you can act fast and network your brand with top stores in the USA. These lists come with exact contact names, addresses for post card mailings and email addresses where available. Don’t waste anymore time. Make buyer connections here.

Organized by market, product type and price for an at-a-glance overview. Quickly access buyers specific to your brand’s marketing and sales needs. One of the most important aspects of marketing any product is having a targeted sales prospect list. That’s what you will find here. You can have on-trend priced-right amazing product and crisp sure-fire messaging, but, if you have the wrong contacts you are sunk.

We are proud to tell you each of our list products is “hand built” to connect with specific fashion buyers. WCF has been curating fashion contact lists since 1998. It’s what we do and why thousands have come to rely on us.

Time Saving Contact Lists, compiled and curated by fashion professionals. After-all, it’s all about starting with a solid list of targeted retail buyer prospects.



  • Activewear, women’s
  • Apparel, better women’s
  • Apparel, contemporary women’s
  • Apparel, high-end to designer collections, women’s
  • Bridal
  • Intimate Apparel
  • Outerwear, women’s
  • Street, Surf & Skate, women’s
  • Swimwear, women’s


  • Accessories, better women’s
  • Accessories, high-end women’s
  • Footwear, better women’s shoe buyers
  • Footwear, high-end & salon women’s shoe buyers
  • Handbags, contemporary women’s buyers
  • Handbags, high-end women’s
  • Jewelry, contemporary, fashion, bridge, and semi-precious
  • Jewelry, high-end fashion, semi-precious and fine jewelry buyers




  • Activewear, men’s
  • Apparel, contemporary menswear buyers
  • Outerwear, men’s
  • Street, Surf & Skate, men’s
  • Swimwear, men’s


  • Accessories, men’s high-end



Childrenwear, apparel and accessories buyers


Contemporary, women’s and menwear contemporary buyers



  • Apparel, high-end buyers
  • Apparel, Private Label (volume buyers, sourcing & product development)

Non-Apparel, All Markets

  • Accessories, High-End Buyers
  • Footwear Buyers

THE Workshop





Public Relations 


eCommerce + Email Merchandising


 Marketing (Start-Small , Go Big) 

Drive sells traffic to your eCommerce sites through with both digital and print collateral which is sent to buying demographic audience that matches your fashion brand. Direct mailers, emails and digital and printed catalogs of images with detailed information about your line.

Pop-up Shops + Direct Mail Campaigns + Cooperative Advertising

Your brand is invited to participate in the pop-up shops which include  direct mailers and cooperative advertisement campaigns in cities North America, Canada and possibly international contiries with emerging fashion markets.

Fashion Event Marketing + Sales

Availability is limited, therefore it is best to get started before market. Rush rates are applied.

Omar Palmer delivers the results for an emerging  fashion brand

a few years ago, an emerging advanced-contemporary women's wear fashion designer New York used his sales consulting services to successfully obtain the interest from the retail buying teams at Intermix and Neiman Marcuus,  broker a fragrance licence deal and financing for the Spring | Summer Women's Wear Collection. 

 services allows designer with the opportunity to participate in the showroom with a confirmed schedule appointment.