A tense controversial streetwear episode of Netflix's new competition series, 'Next In Fashion'

Updated: Jun 13

Netflix's 'Next In Fashion' just dropped with a controversial on-camera disagreement.

The show hosted by Tan France from the television show Queer Eye, and Alexa Chung British writer and fashion designer received much controversy for the heated conversation on Season 1 Episode 4: Streetwear, and here's where it gets good.

Kerby Jean-Raymond is an American-Haitian Streetwear fashion designer, living in Brooklyn and shows in New York. The maverick designer, along with Jason Bolden, Creative Director, and Co-Founder of JSN Studio and star of Netflix's show "Styling Hollywood," were both guest judges on Netflix's, 'Next In Fashion.'

In episode four, Streetwear fashion was the design challenge. Farai and Kiki, a team of two industry, experienced professionals with a strong background in fashion, having worked with FUBU and other brands. Their streetwear denim collection presentation put them in the bottom category during the critique. However, Kerby was not happy about the decision. It seems that Kirby felt very differently about Farai and Kiki's presentation, which he felt was an accurate reflection of streetwear, and it would have been acceptable if a luxury fashion brand had presented it. He then asked, why does it seem that fashion interpretations by black designers are not accepted? Kirby, not comfortable with the idea of eliminating Farai and Kiki, asked to leave. Farai and Kiki did not get eliminated in this episode

The conversation was not just about the design, but about the execution of an unfinished edge, a design detail Kiki asked Farai about before the presentation. I look forward to watching them grow from" Season one Episode four along with the winner. Two standout memorable moments from Netflix's 'Next in Fashion.'

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