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Omar Palmer Inc. drive sales, brand awareness, customer loyalty, acquisitions, and fosters strong community relations through Fashion, Art, Music, and Events uniquely named "F.A.M.E".

We work closely with brands to organize and execute seasonal sales markets 4 times a year, schedule appointments with retail buyers, and offer feedback and data analysis to design production teams prior to market to maintain a healthy business.  

Using best business practices, we create customized sales strategies that are effective for your brand and budget. These strategic sales strategies which consists of projects that drive both sales and consumer loyalty for the wholesale and eCommerce divisions include the following:

  • Cooperative advertisement in segmented markets of your targeted demographics with leading fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine publications.

  • Event Marketing such as trunk shows and pop-up shops to reach shoppers of fashion, accessories, and beauty brands.

  • Collaborations and partnerships that directly align brands with similar values in the market and provide exposure to the press, media, and online community of directors, editors, and bloggers.

  • Traditional and digital marketing campaigns with direct mailers, email marketing with social media integrations. 

  • Reports that provide feedback which can be included in the sales pitch to retail buying teams.

  • Style list for celebrity placements, editorials with various photographers and modeling agencies, as well as the wardrobe for film and videos.

These projects are proven effective. They provide much needed aid with launching a new line, taking the company to the next level or other challenges.  This leads me to ask, does your sales strategy have PR, Marketing and Social media integration for your eCommerce, Retail and Wholesale business divisions with an infrastructure to support future growth and development, improve efficiencies in preparation for Fashion Week in various Markets? 

Far too often fashion brands discover that they need to modify their sales strategy while engaging buyers during fashion week or market which can minimize establishing or developing a retail account. It can force the company to go back to correct this area and put a strain in the company financials. Moreover, it can have an even more significant impact on smaller companies and start-up entrepreneurs with limited resources. 


Fashion and Beauty Brands

Byron Lar's Beauty Mark

Cocovann Handbags

Jessie Liu Collection

Kamilah Willacy Handbags

Kevan Hall Signature Collection

Laquan Smith

Ogo New York

Palmeo London

Sherman + Preston

Talina Hermann

Vera Moore Cosmetics

Non- Profit Organizations

​The Chapman Foundation

Epsilon Pi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.


The Mothers' Clubs of Whitley Heights

Visual Artist 

Charles Bibbs

Leroy Campbell

Local Non-Profit Benefit

Draws Serious Art Collectors

Visual Artist Charles Bibbs


The fighter for a community of people retired recently and the legacy of his organization introduced the new CEO at its first annual fundraiser benefit in New York City. The event took place at the Boat House which is located in the historical Central Park.   The visual artist Charles Bibbs participated in the silent auction with these two prints. 

Visual Artist

Leroy Campbell

Exhibition in Harlem

I learned about Leroy Campbell when living in New York.   He reached out to a friend that owned an art gallery that closed for a new real estate business.

At the time I was working on a project for Sheen Magazine and thought to pitch the editor on a story about the visual artists' new exhibition taking place at the Sol Studio, located in Harlem New York. 
I walked into the gallery I was both nervous and excited. 


I prepared my questions and bought my cameraman to for an exclusive sit down conversation with the visual artist about his new book, the pieces on display, and the culture. 


Menswear Start-up Launch

The partnership of two young gentlemen with brilliant minds launches a new menswear line worked with Omar Palmer during their early stages of development.

“Omar is very knowledgeable about the fashion industry.” ---Sherman and Preston

The brand Sherman Preston received some good press from Gent, Georgie, and other magazine publications which sells with a business infrastructure  to support growth  and sustainability. 
It sold its limited-edition capsule collection at Bene Rialto, an innovative three-story retail marketplace featuring exclusive emerging menswear and womenswear brands.  Its trade platform Bene Collective offers brands the chance to meet, showcase, and sell to fashion retailers.


Vera Moore Cosmetics Pro-Card Soft Launch Strengthens Consumer Loyalty 


Entrepreneur Vera Moore is a former actress that played Linda on the hit NBC television soap opera "Another World."  In 1979, she launched a Cosmetics and Skin Care company which is sold at the drug store, Duane Reade's Look boutique in over 42 locations and

The Marketing and Public Relations service package utilized for the launch of the Cosmetic Make-up Pro-Card provided an opportunity for make-up artists to partner with  Vera Moore Cosmetics and Skin Care, which came shortly after on-boarding the brand as the official cosmetic make-up sponsors for a scholarship fundraiser benefit with a fashion show for the Chapman Foundation with Sheen MAGAZINE.

Inspired by a touching real-life story of a mother  diagnosed with Parkinson disease relying on her only child, a 40-year-old man, that has no experience on how to apply her make-up so that she can feel her personal best while attending church,family social functions, as well as other essential engagements.

The Marketing and Public Relations packages they chose included interviewing the mother and son whom shall remain nameless to protect the privacy of their identities, a collaboration with Vera Moore and the Parkinson Disease Foundation Public Relations Director ,and working with Vera Moore Cosmetics on developing what to include in each Pro Card package.

Sheen MAGAZINE featured an article including Angela Palmer, a cosmetic make-up artist located in Columbus, Ohio after she received her Vera Moore Cosmetics Pro-Card Kit consisting of a very large selection of over 500 items of various foundations, blushes, lipsticks, lip gloss, lip liners, eye-shadows, eyeliners, mascaras concealers for women with different skin complexions. 

Sell, Sell, Sell


The contemporary women's wear designer collection kicked off the season with several scheduled sales and marketing events on both the East and West Coast which included, Fashion Incubator Sant Francisco at Macy's Union Square, Stitch Tradeshow NYC, and varies trunk shows.

Contemporary handbag e-Commerce soft launch
at "PYNKALYCIOUS"  Breast Cancer Awareness Event 

I met with the owner and a small team of Cocovann representatives at their corporate office located in Columbus, Ohio, which is a trending new marketplace for emerging fashion brands and according to Columbus Fashion Week statistics, it has the largest concentration of emerging fashion talent.

The meeting provided me with the opportunity to share some sales and marketing initiatives for the soft launch.  The objective was to drive sells of current inventory and give feedback to the product development team. My strategy included an advertising campaign and collaboration with a non-profit organization fundraiser benefit with press and media exposure.

Also, my research and analysis aided the owner and team at Cocovann with some effective push-pull methods for a better ROI on the KPI for the brand's unique performance capabilities and conservative budget while minimizing risks and avoiding costly mistakes.

Cocovann's soft launch included beautiful shapes and colors from the classic and mini silhouette handbag collection which sell on the brands eCommerce site. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the handbags went to the "Pynkalycious" a local non-profit fundraiser benefit for Pearle Harris Center for Breast Health in South Carolina.  Images of the event and the winners from the Silent Auction get posted on the website of the events media partners Sheen MAGAZINE.  The owner and director of the magazine love the bags so much that they had to have one of their own.


Fashion Show Scholarship Fundraiser  

A local Chapter of AKA Sorority Chapter brunch, fashion show and pop-up shopping lounge 

Hassel BMW Presents Fashion Fantasy 

The Epsilon Pi Omega Chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated of Queens New York held their annual Scholarship Fundraiser Benefit event which took place at the Marriott Hotel located in Long Island. It is the largest most anticipated ticketed event that sells out to over 800 esteemed members of the graduate chapter organization. 

The ladies of EPiO utilized Stylist, Omar Palmer for two years consecutively for their most anticipated and most significant annual scholarship fundraiser gala. The event provided apparel and accessory designers, corporate sponsors with exposure in the press. It included a fashion show runway presentation with a trunk show and pop-up shop.

The designers for the event were required to adhere to a set of strict guidelines, produce quality  items at industry fare rate,  with ethical business practices, a minimum of one retail account or eCommerce division, and must have some press or media exposure. A portion of proceeds the items sold at the event go to the organization and members receive a discount for up to one year.

The event is often affectionately referred to as the Ultimate Trunk show.  Some of the previous fashion designers include Courtney Washington, Garcia NYC and Harlem Haberdashery for 5001 Flavors along with emerging designers Rue 114, Millinery Otis


Damon and retail boutique Barbatsuly Bros Furs.   One of the participating vendors reported over $5000 in sales and the Hassel BMW Dealership, one of the corporate sponsors along with Miss Jessies' and Cyno's Hair Care, sold two cars through the event fundraiser gala.




An Unlikely Fashion Showcase with National Exposure

The Chapman Foundation’s annual scholarship fundraiser benefit awards minority seniors graduating from high school with good grades and plans to continue their education. The foundation has supported students with a passion for knowledge since 1999.

The annual gala includes a runway fashion show, silent auction, trunk-show vendors, raffles and other prizes, but this year is the first time featuring brands from the fashion and beauty industry that are more recognizable with the help of Omar Palmer, the fashion coordinate hired by Christina Visnansky, the Executive Director of SHEEN Magazine for the event

The event takes place in Fountain Inn, South Carolina, a small town that with a population a little over 8,000 people. However, this event is getting national exposure through their media partners Sheen Magazine, a beauty publication calling itself the “Ultimate Beauty Guide for The Modern-Day Woman.”  It is distributed both nationally and internationally at major retailers across the globe to an audience of 500,00. 

It is through the partnership that the Chapman Foundation local annual Scholarship Fundraiser with SHEEN Magazine that fashion and beauty are getting national exposure as event sponsor and vendors.  It is how Omar Palmer, the fashion coordinator for the event was able to obtain Vera Moore Cosmetic Make-up and Skin Care as one of the official sponsors and fashion designer’s Tadashi Shoji, Lafayette 148, Byron Lar’s and the trending emerging designer Laquan Smith along with Kamilah Willacy NYC, the award winner from the 2015 Independent handbag designer and Jessie Liu, a new designer based in Los Angeles that is launching her label . These are some of the designers featured in the SHEEN Magazine which features celebrities on the cover. 


Building a Fashion Brand

Who is Kevan Hall


The fashion trade journals once name fashion designer Kevan Hall as an unlikely contender appointed as Creative Director to design for Halston following Randolph Duke, predecessor responsible for revitalizing the brand after Halston who died at 57.  Although Halls appointment to Halston surprised the fashion world, the designer made a name for himself in 1999 with a showcase in November and February.   An article in the New York Times by Barbara Thomas called Hall the designer to take Halston into the next millennium and quoted Andre Leon Talley, editor at large of Vogue who said, "He's channeling Halston!" 


Like so many other designers the Halston Heritage struggled to become a successful sustainable brand in the market. It helped launch the career of both fashion designers Kevan Hall and Naeem Khan, both of whom worked for the brand during its heightened success.


Today, fashion designer Kevan Hall is a success.  He designs out of his beautiful studio office located in Los Angeles, California and produces three distinctly different collections. Kevan Hall Signature Collection, KH Sport-Golf collection, and a line for QVC in Italy. The Kevan Hall Signature collection includes evening wear, cocktail, day dresses and separates for special occasions.   Hollywood celebrities often wear the evening gowns to Red Carpet Events.


The unique brand selling at high-end boutiques in North America Mid-West and Southern regions along Abby Glass, Lela Rose, Carmen Marc Valvo.  The collection is one of a few brands that are providing boutiques with a competitive edge in the marketplace unlike other specialty and department stores that are experiencing a decline in sales as a result of online shoppers.


SHEEN Magazine gave the designer a double page feature of two looks from his floral collection.  It was an honor for the publication said, the managing editor after receiving a call from Omar Palmer, hired by the fashion designer to assist with the National Wholesale Division.  Omar added SHEEN magazine his distribution list for the Kavan Hall Signature Collection Trunk show tour campaign.

The feature listed some selling boutiques that are selling the collection and included on the trunk show tour following his showcase for New York City Fashion Week which takes place immediately following New York City Fashion Week.   Omar said his objective was to create a push to the boutiques through the brand's secondary markets to a new audience of young fashion consumers for the brand that the publication provided.

Brand Collaborations Drive Sells

Mr. Turks with Parks and Ronen Men's Resort wear

Exclusive Swimwear Calendar

SHEEN Magazine’s Editor, Sammy Hynes asked Omar Palmer, to locate a Men’s Swimwear brand for its annual Men’s Swimwear Calendar which paired the publication with Mr. Turks, and Parke and Ronen. 

Parke and Ronen boutique flagships are located in New York and Los Angeles but sell in top stores in the United States and Internationally.  The collection includes menswear and swimwear selections of shirts, pants, shorts, sportswear, footwear, and accessories.
Ronen Jehezkel obtained his degree from Istituto Europeo di Design in Italy, and Parke Lutter graduated from Parsons The New School for Design.
Ronen stated a small business In the Soho.  In 1991 he moved to New York and opened a studio in Tribeca.  The two launched their company Park & Ronen in 1993 which now includes two in-house labels. The “White label” which features casual contemporary sportswear, tee-shirts and swimwear and the limited “Boutique Label.”

Founded by Tina and her husband, Jonathan Skow Mr. Turks includes both a menswear and womenswear line of eleven annual collections.  The brand located in Alhambra, California opened its first retail store in Palm Springs in 2002 and expanded to eleven signature boutiques: Palm Spring, New York, Fashion Island in New Port Beach, Burlingame, Miami, Dallas, Highland and most recently Honolulu with an outlet store in South Pasadena. 

Both brands are an excellent choice for SHEEN Magazine’s Annual Calendar which was shot on location in the Nassau Bahama to introduce its readers to both a contemporary and luxe brand. 


Video Promotes Brooklyn Boutiques

Sheen Magazine presents

Yancey Edwards, Celebrity Hairstylist Birthday Bash